Daily Scripture Reading Galatians 3

Verse of the Day – John 10:3a
To him the doorkeeper opens, and the sheep hear his voice;

Devotional Thoughts

John has already recorded the fact that Jesus said that the shepherd entered the sheep fold by the door – those who would come through or around the walls were obviously there for other reasons than to help or feed the sheep. The paid hireling or doorkeeper would let the shepherd in through the door to tend the sheep in the pen. Some would be tired or hurt or sick, or just in need of some love and attention. The shepherd entered and the great thing was that He talked to His sheep and the sheep heard His voice!

The shepherd talks to His sheep. To some there are words of comfort, to others they are words of humor or encouragement. To some of the sheep the words needed are soft and gentle, but to others they are energetic and motivating. Some might even need scolding. Some healing. But through it all, no matter the words that the shepherd speaks, they are all words of love.

Jesus has for us today the words we need. Whether words of discipline or words of praise. Encouragement, motivation, inspiration, tender care, healing, relief. Words of hope, joy, peace, or excitement. He has the words we need for whatever we will face today. He knows the trials, battles, failures, and victories. He is aware of our every need.

Today, He is speaking to us, His sheep. Do you hear His voice? Or is the noise of work or family, responsibilities or “priorities” drowning out His voice? Can you hear Him? He is talking to you in His Word as you read it, as others share it with you, as it is prayed, sung, quoted, given as counsel, and meditated upon. If there is anything that is louder to us than His voice then we need to re-adjust our receiver. His voice is always be present, comforting, guiding, healing, encouraging, and if we can’t hear Him then we must lay all else aside until we do hear Him.

If Jesus is talking to you don’t you want to hear what He has to say? So how do you listen? Listen through the routines of life. Listen through the storm for the calm. Above all else, just listen to His Word. He speaks and the sheep hear His voice – we need to hear Him whenever He chooses to talk through the Word or prayer, another Believer or circumstances. LISTEN.

That is the true key – He is talking so we must make an effort to listen. We must strive to hear Him no matter what other noise we encounter. His words are the words of life. They open doors (or close them), they heal and lift up, they make us ready and willing to fight for truth and to obey His commands. Whatever you do today – STOP AND LISTEN! Listen for His voice throughout the day. And if you don’t hear Him, then get away from the noise and confusion of life and tell Him you want to listen, just like Samuel in the Old Testament said, “Speak Lord”.

When He is with us (always) He talks to us. His Word can even be hidden in our heart to protect us from the danger of sin. I wonder what He has said that we have missed because we weren’t listening? Make the effort – make the time – listen to the shepherd today. He loves talking to His sheep through His Word.

Links for Further Study
(links to study each daily topic in more detail if you have the desire and the time)

The Treasury of David – Psalm 23 by Charles H. Spurgeon

(It is recommended that the reader take a small section of this work each day and meditate on the truths gleaned from Holy Scripture – today focus on the sections on verse 3).

Bible Reading For Further Study

Psalm 81:8-16; 85:8-13; 143:8-11
Isaiah 48:16-22

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