Daily Scripture Reading Galatians 2

Verse of the Day – John 10:2
But he who enters by the door is the shepherd of the sheep.

Devotional Thoughts
As we learned yesterday, those who would enter a sheepfold over or through a wall instead of through the only door were there to cause harm. They were robbers, thieves, or killers. Predators who wanted to harm the sheep. But now Jesus tells us that the one who enters by the only door is the shepherd.

The shepherd and his helpers come through the door to assist the sheep, to feed them, to lead them out to pasture, or to care for the wounded or sick sheep. They come in the obvious entrance and the sheep know who they are. There is no secrecy or surprise. The ones who care for the sheep simply do what is natural to do their jobs.

Think about our application here. It is the one who does the obvious that proves he cares for us. If, in our spiritual lives, our pastor, deacons, elders, church members, or family members aren’t honest and up front with us then we become suspicious about their motives. They try to get around the truth or bypass the obvious for the obscure – more than likely then they are deceptive and sneaky – they are there to do harm for their own benefit. This is true in the church as well as in our lives. Those who would use the gospel for selfish gain are not honest and hide things about themselves, their past, and their ministries. A minister of the gospel must be open, accessible, and beyond reproach – otherwise they have disqualified themselves from God’s standard for His ministers (see 1 Tim. 3:1-13 and Titus 1:5-9).

Our shepherd is Jesus. He will enter by the door – He will simply do the obvious when leading us. That is why many in our churches today can’t seem to find God or His will for their lives. They aren’t listening to Him. Instead they are being sidetracked by false shepherds who try to make the Christian life complicated. It isn’t complicated. Jesus Himself said that His yoke was easy and His burden light. If our Christian life is not easy and light then we are trying to live the wrong Christian life. Someone has climbed over the wall and is leading us astray!

The gospel is simple: repent and believe, turn from your sin to Christ in faith. The shepherd is accessible. He is right where He is supposed to be. And He does the obvious. He doesn’t want to hide His will from us. The Word makes His will quite plain. We must look for it though, and we will find it where it belongs, it is obvious. As a matter of fact if it seems that we are far away from God then guess who moved!? It wasn’t Him. He never changes. He never leaves of forsakes us.

We will learn in the next few days our role as sheep and the role of our spiritual authorities – Christ as head of the church, and the elders (pastors) He has appointed to minister to Him and His in the church – but for now know this, He is coming in the door to care for us. He will enter through the plain and predictable door, just as He always does. If you can’t seem to find Him, you’re not looking in the right places.

Look for Christ to come in to your life today – into every single part of your day. He will be obvious but we must look for Him, and when we find Him in those everyday situations we must share Him with all around us!

Links for Further Study
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