TIME in the Word Ministries is a teaching and preaching ministry focused on evangelism, discipleship, and revival. Knowing that the Gospel is the power of God to salvation for sinners (Romans 1:16-17; Psalm 19:7-11) and that the Word of God is the primary means which the Holy Spirit uses to sanctify saints (John 17:17), our purpose is to glorify God through the spreading of His Word to as many people as possible. We encourage you to use these resources, including sermons, articles, and daily devotionals for private or family worship and to recommend them to others who would benefit from the study and application of God’s Word. We ask that you pray with us that God will honor His Word, just as He has promised, so that it will never return to Him void, but accomplish that for which He has sent it forth (Isaiah 55:11).

We yearn to see the Holy Spirit use the Word of God to save sinners, sanctify saints, refine our worship, revive our churches, and equip us for the work of service for the edification of the Body of Christ (Eph 4:11).

Phillip M. Way, Director
(Serving from 1997-present)

staff-photo3Phillip was called to new life in Christ at age 9, called to preach at age 14, and ordained to the gospel ministry at age 20. He graduated with honors in Biblical Studies from The Criswell College in Dallas, Texas. Since 1997, he has served as pastor of Providence Reformed Baptist Church in Marble Falls, Texas, and previously served churches in Irving, Amherst, and Lubbock, Texas. He and Renée have been married since 1994.

Billy Cenea,
(Serving from 2020-present)

BillyCenea[804]Billy was born in Port au Prince, Haiti, in 1984.  He has been involved in full time evangelistic mission works since 2010, including serving to facilitate missions to Haiti providing for medical and spiritual needs in several orphanages and private schools.  His ministry,  Church Today, has been focused on calling the church to to the foundational principles of the gospel, namely the five solas, biblical preaching, true fellowship, and purity through church discipline. He and Nathalie have 3 children.


Jonathan D. Hunt, Teacher
(Serving from 2006-2020)

jonathan for time2Jonathan was born in 1977 and born again in 1992. He served churches in Cheltenham and Thornbury until 2018, and his sermons were kindly hosted by TIME in the Word Ministries. He continues to preach as a member of Trinity Baptist Church Charlesworth, a revitalisation work of Trinity Grace Church Ramsbottom. He is an honours graduate in English Literature of the Open University, and has also studied at the London Reformed Baptist Seminary. He and Clare have one son.