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Series: Evangelistic Ministry

Hope for the Hopeless – Luke 13:11

This is the first of four messages looking at miracles recorded uniquely in the gospel of Luke. In this passage we read of a woman with a hopeless condition which crippled her. Christ heals her freely and fully. What does this miracle have to teach us? Have we realized how the disease of Sin has crippled us, and that our only hope for a cure is found in Jesus Christ?

Life for the Dead – Luke 7:11

Continuing our look at the four miracles unique to the gospel of Luke, we see Jesus Christ arriving at the small city of Nain, where He and his followers are met by a funeral procession. We see the mighty power of Christ as He raises the widow’s son from the dead, as we ask whether we too have been made alive by an encounter with the Saviour.

Ashamed of Jesus? – Matthew 26:31

We consider the well-known account of Simon Peter, who denied Jesus Christ when challenged by the servants of the High Priest. Do we deny Jesus Christ in our lives as believers? Do we deny Jesus Christ utterly and seek to walk in another direction in our lives?

Consistency for Hypocrites – Luke 14:1-6

We examine the third miracle unique to Luke’s gospel. We consider the hypocrisy of the religious leaders who oppose the healing of the man who has dropsy, and contrast it with the loving and determined consistency of Jesus Christ. Are we honest about our state before God, our will our hypocrisy one day be laid bare?

Series: Genesis

A Ladder Up to Heaven – Genesis 28

Jacob flees from the anger of Esau, taking nothing with him but a staff in his hand and the clothes on his back, but God is with him. We consider the meaning of his wonderful dream. May we all be struck afresh by the awesome wonder of an Almighty God who is with us, frail and feeble as we may be.

Desperation, Deception, Discipline – Genesis 29

Jacob completes his journey, and meets with his relatives. He falls desperately in love, which leaves him open to the deception of his Uncle Laban. In all that takes place, Jacob is under discipline. He is taught the consequences of his own prior deceitful behaviour. How do we deal with trials and discipline in our own lives?

The Tribes Appear – Genesis 30

We consider this account of eleven sons and a daughter born to Jacob. God is beginning to bless Jacob as He has promised, and continues with a great growth in his livestock and wealth. Are we willing to trust the Lord for the future like Jacob did, whatever trials come to us?

Time to Leave – Genesis 31

The time has come for Jacob to take his family and leave the camp of his father-in-law, Laban. We see how God leads him, protects him, and brings him honour in the eyes of Laban, because he has trusted in the Lord.

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