Daily Devotional Recap Page

The Day of the Lord – Zephaniah

The Days of Josiah – 1:1

The Word of the Lord
Who was Hezekiah?
Hezekiah and Sennacherib
The Boy King
Josiah’s Reformation

Creation Consumed – 1:2-3

Utterly Consumed
The Day of Doom
Seven Seals
Seven Trumpets
Seven Bowls

Reasons for Wrath – 1:4-18

A Word to Priests
A Word to Princes
A Word to Merchants
A Word to the Masses
Dies Irae – The Day of Wrath in Song

Reproaches of the Wicked – 2:1-15

The Cross Hairs of Judgment
Seek the Lord
Warning to the Philistines
Warning Moab and Ammon
Warning Ethiopia and Assyria

Rebellious and Wayward – 3:1-7

Woe to Jerusalem
Woe to Judah’s Leaders
A Contrast for Judah
A Bad Example
Punishment vs. Discipline

The Restored Remnant – 3:8-20

Jesus is Coming Soon
Father Abraham had Many Sons
Are You Making Progress?
A New Song
What is Our Hope?

The Ways of Josiah – 2 Chron. 34:1-7; 2 Kings 22-23