Three new messages have been uploaded from Jonathan Hunt’s sermon series on the Psalms of Ascent. Follow the links to download or listen online for free!

God’s People – Never Defeated – Psalm 129

This is a psalm of national distress for Israel, and can be taken up in modern times as a lament about the attacks of the enemy on the Church of Jesus Christ. Indeed, this is a psalm we can make our own to great personal comfort and profit – we remember that the LORD is righteous – He is in control of everything, and we remember that, as the Psalmist says, those who oppose us ‘have NOT prevailed’!

Powerful Forgiveness – Psalm 130

We consider this psalm which expresses God’s power in terms of His mighty forgiveness towards sinful people. We see that brokenness is the starting place when it comes to a right relationship with God, and we are comforted as we realise that whoever we may be, and whatever we might have done, there IS forgiveness with God. When we see how gracious God is, we are moved to fear Him, that is, to love and adore Him with great sincerity.

Gaining a Humble Trust in God – Psalm 131

Charles Spurgeon once said that this Psalm is ‘the shortest to read, and the longest to learn’. What do we need to learn about humility and child-like trust in God? How can we move towards such a humble state of mind?