Bible Readings for the Week before Resurrection Sunday

When we think of celebrating Easter each year, we usually begin with the observance of Palm Sunday, a remembrance of the day that Jesus entered Jerusalem (fulfilling Old Testament prophecy to the very day) as He was lauded as the King and Messiah by those who lined the road. But in order to understand the true significance of these events we need a clear picture of the actual time line. A careful examination of the Gospel accounts of this last week gives us a picture of what Jesus was doing and where He was each day of the week before He was crucified and raised from the dead in order to redeem His people.

So where was Jesus and what did He do and say each day of the last week before His crucifixion? Here is the Biblical text from the Gospel accounts arranged chronologically to be read this week so that you might study what happened daily with Jesus and the disciples.

Background: The First Passover – Israel and the Exodus
Ex 12; Lev 23:4-5; Num 28:16-25; Deut 16:1-8

The month of Abib, which means “green” or “tender”, was renamed Nisan, which means “first month”, after the Exile in Babylon. See Nehemiah 2:1; Ezra 3:7

Abib (or Nisan) was the first month in the Jewish year and falls in March/April on our current calendar. On the Tenth Day the families selected the Passover Lamb which was brought into the home as a pet and cared for until the time of preparing the Passover meal. On the Fourteenth Day the sacrifice of the lamb occurred between 3-5 pm, followed by the Passover meal where the lamb was cooked and eaten according to the regulations given in Exodus and Leviticus. On the Fifteenth to Twenty-first Days the Jews celebrated the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Eight Days
Here are the Selected Scriptures arranged chronologically from the Four Gospels for each day of the Week.

Bible Reading Plan