I was given an opportunity last year to reply to a list of questions asked of a group of pastors. I want to share a few of these this week and I hope these questions and my answers provoke thought and further study of the Word of God.

Here is today’s Q & A:

What is your view on abortion?

Abortion is in every case the murder of an innocent human being. We in the church need to be reminded that Jesus loves the little children…..

Attitudes today that stem from feminism, humanism, and liberalism have given birth to ideas that children are a curse, a burden, a bother, a chore, a mistake, an accident, and therefore undesirable. Children we are taught – whether we know it or not – intrude upon our personal liberty. They infringe on our rights over our own lives and our own bodies.

We must understand and embrace these following points as truth, because this is what the Bible tells us about children:

1. God gives children as a blessing (Psalm 127:3).

2. God causes conception and crafts each child in the womb (Psalm 139:13-16).

3. God even causes the time of delivery and birth for each child (Isaiah 66:9).

And each child is just that, a living human being from the moment of conception.

So the church must minister to women who are pregnant. We must help them with health care and a clear review of their option for keeping the baby or putting the baby up for adoption. We must meet her physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We must SACRIFICE so that these babies are not killed in the womb!

We must not ever be tempted to stoop to violence by killing abortionists – this is also murder. So what must we do? Protest. Counsel. Pray!! Help. Minister. Speak out.

In this particular battle I have worked in Crisis Pregnancy Centers, written material for counseling for women and men before and after abortions, spoken to youth groups about sexual purity and about abortion, written curiculuum for a high school for teaching teens about the right and wrong way to view dating/courting, marriage, sex and children. As a recent example, I wrote an article posted on the internet about this very topic titled “How Many More?”

I also believe that God is judging our country because of the slaughter of these children and I pray daily that He will end this plague in our land and restore us to Himself.