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Two new sermons are available from Jonathan, both that deal with reactions. The first examines the reaction of those in the city of Ephesus to the gospel as Paul preaches it, and the second looks at the reactions of Isaac and his enemies as he is tempted and fearful and follows in his father’s foot steps by lying about his true relationship with his wife.

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Ephesus in Uproar! – Acts 19

Series: Evangelistic Ministry

We continue our occasional looks at the book of Acts, especially looking at what happens when the gospel – the good news of Christ – is proclaimed. Paul has come to Ephesus, which is largely ignorant of the gospel, and so Paul goes about spreading the message of salvation. In Ephesus, it seems the whole town reacts – stirred up by those who hated the effects that the gospel was having on the townsfolk. What could a man have said, what could people possibly do, to provoke such a reaction?

Like Father, Like Son – Genesis 26

Series: Genesis

This chapter is an account of Isaac’s dealings with those around him, and the good and bad ways in which he copies his father, Abraham. We should take the warnings and learn the lessons from this chapter. We are reminded to continually repent of sin, to trust the Lord’s promises, and to press on. We should live at peace with men, love our enemies, be hospitable, and live consistently. We should consider what spiritual legacy we will leave behind us at the end of life.


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