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In the 1930s the leadership of the Nazi party in Germany formulated a plan to both use and distract the German people in order to accomplish several goals. The first was to present a group of people to blame as scapegoats for the economic woes of the nation as they struggled to recover from the reparations of WWI. However, when the worldwide economy began to recover and Germany began to prosper and could afford expansion these scapegoats could no longer be blamed. As a result the propaganda ministry began to find other things to blame on this group of people.

Eventually they passed legislation to remove citizenship from these people. As non-citizens they had no rights to own businesses or property. They were classified as sub-human. They were less human than the super men of the Aryan race. They were labeled as a threat to the population as carriers of disease, mental and physical defects, and in a position to displace the pure race denying them their natural born privilege and rank in society. Violence against these people was sanctioned and supported by the government.

Of course we know that this is how Hitler and his followers acted against the Jews.

History always repeats itself. There is nothing new under the sun.

Now in the United States the administration is playing with people as pawns. The political stunts that surround the recently highlighted illegal immigration issues along our southern border find the media warning us about a group of non-citizens who are displacing citizens, preventing their rights from being upheld, harming the economy, and harbouring diseases that threaten the population.

As people react against the government and against the flood of illegal immigrants the church needs to take note lest we forget that in Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek, citizen or non-citizen. And when the government uses human beings created in God’s image as pawns to propagandize the legislative process we, the church, must stand up against this spurious attempt to dehumanize a group of people for political profit.

Further, when the government denies the church the opportunity to minister to people – any people – in a time of their desperate need, then the government has abandoned the very foundation of our independence, that all man are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.

Let the church take note, supporting the notion that any class of people from anywhere on this earth is beneath us violates the Scriptural injunction to love our neighbor as ourself and to esteem all others as better than we esteem ourselves.

There is no easy answer to the situation, but there is gospel truth that must be applied lest we deny the sacred truths of the value of every human life in God’s economy.


June 2023

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